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Cupeyville School is a coed nondenominational private school in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Students of both sexes assist from Pre-School to High School. The instruction is in English, with exception of three classes, Spanish, History of Puerto Rico and Hispano-American History. Its approach is directed towards high academic standards, creating a body of bilingual students and developing student's talents and abilities. For more information about the school, call (787) 761-6305.

This select group of Seniors started to form among the walls of Cupeyville School. Some of us arrived to this school thirteen years ago when we were too little to remember. We learned our first games and songs, we learned to read, but we could not envision what the future would hold for us.
We started out as angels... Is it possible we could get lost with these signs?
Ana Teresa and Liana ???, Cristina and Liana...
Did you girls have a nice trip?
Maytee and Jose Luis,
what a cute couple!
Ana Teresa and Jennifer
Our first graduation, from kindergarten, had the theme of "It's a Small World." It was an imaginary trip around the world. Our group started growing in first grade. We considered ourselves artist since our "Peter Rabbit" play was a great production. Things got harder as we went through Elementary. Teachers were not as sweet anymore and we were no longer angels.
Dianma hurry up! Felix, Waleska, Ana Teresa and friends on Valentine's Day.
Carlitos seems to like the singing, but Martha doesn't.
Brownies are us...
Jennifer, Solange, Dafne and friends.
Joanna, Vanessa, Sarel, Ivette and Mayra...
A nice group of friends.